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Akasha began his yoga studies as a boy before he knew how to give it a label. His first initiation was watching Star Wars and dreaming of being a Jedi knight.  Through Akasha’s love of Star Wars he began his search for a “Yoda” and “The Force”. It was years later that Akasha learned that Yoda and The Force were within.

Akasha Ellis

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Akasha began his yoga studies as a boy. One of his first initiations was watching Star Wars and dreaming of being a Jedi knight. He practiced martial arts with the intention of being a warrior preparing himself to battle the dark forces. It was many years later that he found that we each have the dark and light within and that through loving understanding we realize we are the love, truth, and peace that we seek. His first traditional Yogic practice was in Kundalini yoga and then later as a student in college, Akasha was blessed with the opportunity to study Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad.

In his early 20’s Akasha discovered Ashtanga yoga, while living and running a business with his family in India. Upon returning in 2000 he decided to dedicate his energy to formally teaching yoga and soon created a yoga studio along with a teacher training program and wellness retreats. Over the years he has continued studying and incorporating other practices & modalities to help heal the body and mind, such as Hanna Somatics, which assists in bringing awareness of movement between the mind and body, where there may be un-awareness. More recently, Akasha has begun integrating and sharing non-dual teachings.

Through self-inquiry—turning our awareness inward and allowing our thoughts, sensations, and feelings to energetically move; investigating the resistance and seeking, we reveal our truth that we are energy, unconditional, without borders, free, unchanging and without description. Peace is our infinite essence. Life naturally gives us simple cues like anxiety, fear, anger, “I am not good enough”, a sense of lack, all of which are normal. When we identify with limited self-beliefs, we experience discomfort. This suffering illuminates that we are resisting what is. By simply befriending these thoughts and feelings to move, we can reveal our truth. No one is greater than another; we are all held as and within the beloved. We are all perfect expressions of the formless, appearing as form. Only when we forget, do we suffer.

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything,
and between the two my life moves.
Nisargadatta Maharaj

The moment we begin to doubt and fear, we create separateness. One, we can ask who is in doubt and thus remember who we are, the “I” divine awareness. Two, we can ask, why am I feeling this pain, why am I absent of love and light in this area? Is this pain coming from my belief about this emotion or thought? Where is it located in my body? Settle into that area in your body where you feel tightness or constriction. Is the sensation uncomfortable or is it just like any other emotional sensation? This approach can take us out of our negative belief and suffering can dissolve back into the emptiness. We may find that the discomfort becomes a friend, calling out for our love and reminding us of who we truly are. When we choose unconditional love, we begin to fill our emptiness with joy, thus unifying and bringing home our pain so our wounds of separateness become embodied dissolving into our loving self and our oneness.

If in Doubt, Love

In the light of all that is may we find beauty, harmony, and love in the present

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