Heidi Lee


Heidi Lee discovered yoga due to illness, and was interested in its health benefits. Not expecting to love the practice like she did, she left the traditional job force to become a yoga teacher and obtained her 200 hour certification

Heidi Lee

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She has taught full-time for the past 3 years and has collected over 1,000 teaching hours. With a strong background in Ashtanga, her classes focus on finding the structure and stability in poses. Heidi's classes focus on body awareness and also uses the practice to deepen physical, mental and emotional self-awareness. Heidi also believes in the importance of a daily, or consistent weekly practice to reap yoga's full benefits.

She originally grew up in the rural countryside of upstate New York, and relocated to Alabama when she was 18. She has resided in Birmingham since with her husband, her cat Luna and her dog Sage When she's not teaching yoga, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga, writing and music.

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