Heather Sullivan

E-mail: magiccityyogi@gmail.com

Heather is co-owner of Birmingham Yoga where she leads and teaches a Mysore program. She first came to yoga in her twenties but nothing really stuck until she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga. Heather immediately fell in love with the meditative qualities and structure of the Mysore-style method and began to cultivate a daily practice where she continues to uncover endless layers of information about herself and her practice.

Heather Sullivan

Full Bio

In 2015 Heather began her path to teach yoga. She completed her 200-hour training with Akasha Ellis and immediately began an apprenticeship to gain hands on experience in adjustments and to learn the subtleties of teaching the Mysore-style of Ashtanga yoga. Heather continues to work with Akasha co-teaching Birmingham Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training and Guatemala retreat.

In 2020, Heather began a three year mentorship program with Taylor Hunt to further her knowledge of Ashtanga yoga. She continues to work with Taylor and you can find her assisting with the Mentorship program, assisting in the shala and co-hosting retreats (see you in Costa Rica!).

In the yoga room, Heather’s teaching style is light-hearted and compassionate. Her goal is to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone.

Outside of the yoga room, Heather teaches meditation, mindfulness and yoga to those seeking support in recovery from Eating Disorders (ED) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

“My goal is to provide an open and inviting space where the practice of yoga itself can be the teacher. I have been fortunate to find countless benefits including a more loving and compassionate attitude toward myself and others through my practice and look forward to seeing what the practice uncovers for you.”


2015 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Birmingham Yoga
2016 Apprenticeship Akasha Ellis
2017 100 Hour Primary Series Training Tim Miller
2020 Year 1 Mentorship/ Primary Series Taylor Hunt
2021 Year 2 Mentorship/ Intermediate Series Taylor Hunt
2022 Year 3 Mentorship/ Advanced A Taylor Hunt

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