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The Trini Foundation

The Trini Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to sharing Ashtanga yoga with those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

It’s our mission to provide yoga as a tool to aid in the recovery process and help those who are suffering maintain long-term sobriety.

Birmingham Yoga is honored to partner with the Trini Foundation in supporting the recovery community in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

This means if you are in recovery or are a support person for someone in recovery, you may qualify to practice at Birmingham Yoga through the scholarship program. Full and partial scholarships are awarded based on financial need.

For more information about their programming, please visit www.trinifoundation.org.


Support Your Recovery?

Are you looking to SUPPORT YOUR RECOVERY through the practice of Ashtanga yoga?


Renew Your Scholarship?

Full and partial scholarships are awarded based on student financial need for an initial period of three months. After that time, recipients may reapply if financial assistance is still needed.

Supporting Someone Else?

Are you a SUPPORT PERSON for someone struggling with addiction? Please click below to complete the scholarship application for loved ones of those battling substance use disorder.
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