Your Brain On Yoga – Jun 17th

June 17th – 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Cost: $35
Instructor: Dr. Shawn Galin

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Join Dr. Shawn Galin for Your Brain on Yoga.

A regular yoga practice can help eliminate the negative effects of stress on the body and enhance mood and overall sense of well-being. This mind body practice can help teach us to diminish our levels of perceived stress and eliminate the effects of prolonged stress on the body. Medical research has shown the yoga practice does this, in part, by altering brain chemistry and function. This yields the profound effects one feels after sustaining a yoga practice over time. Join Dr. Shawn Galin, Associate Professor of Medicine, as he gently guides us through the growing body of research in neuroscience demonstrating how yoga can change your stress response by altering brain physiology and thereby changing one’s life in a positive and healthy way.

This workshop will consist of a 90 minute lecture, an open Q&A session, and, of course, a carefully designed hour-long vinyasa flow to help incorporate the wealth of knowledge presented. Join us for unique insight of “Your Brain on Yoga”!


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