New to Yoga?

Welcome to Birmingham Yoga!  Below are some frequently asked questions we often receive from those first starting a yoga practice:

 1)  What are the best classes for beginners?

We have many classes that are appropriate for a beginner.  There is usually a series running for beginners such as “Introduction to Yoga,” “Gentle Yoga,” and “Restorative Yoga.”  A more physically challenging beginner series is “Ashtanga Beginner Series”.  You can find all ongoing series under our EVENTS tab. Some series allow drop ins and some do not, so please read details of series before dropping in.

Within our regular weekly classes, Mysore, Ashtanga Level 1, and Community Classes are all more geared towards beginners.  For a more spiritual and meditative style, Kundalini Yoga would be a good fit.  .

Full class descriptions can be found by clicking  HERE

2)  What should I bring?

If you have a yoga mat, you can bring that, or we also have some you may borrow.  You may want water (Closed containers only please) and a small towel.  Other than that, all you need is a smile and a deep breath!

3)  What should I wear?

Comfortable, breathable clothes.  Anything that allows you a full range of motion.  Don’t worry about shoes – you will practice bare footed!

 4)  Where are you located? 

We are in the beautiful Forest Park/ Avondale area right off Clairmont Avenue – walking distance to Forest Park shopping area and Avondale Park.

605 37th St South
Birmingham, AL 35222

 5)  Can I purchase classes online?

Yes!  Click HERE to purchase class passes

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

A Yoga Studio offering Yoga Classes & Teacher Training • 605 37th St South Birmingham, AL 35222