Ashtanga is the eight limb practice of yoga.

The eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga are:

Yama – Moral Codes
Niyama – Personal Disciplines and purity of self each day
Asana – Postures
Pranayama – Control of Prana through our Breath
Pratyahara – Withdrawal of our Senses and Thoughts
Dharana – Concentration
Dyhana – Meditation
Samadhi – An awakened state where we merge and become one with our objet of meditation and we are absorbed into the universal spirit

There are six series of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois. The opening sequence begins with Sun Salutations (A & B) and standing postures. Next, the practitioner will do one of the six main series, referred to as the Primary series, Intermediate series (2nd Series) or Advanced A, B, C, or D series. Beginners to Ashtanga Yoga, practice the primary series. The Primary Series is the most important series as it forms the basis of the entire system. Each series ends with the closing sequence and savasana. Practitioners may advance to more difficult series over a period of years or decades, but the goal of this style is not to learn the more difficult asanas but rather to learn to maintain internal focus throughout the practice by using ujjayi breath, dristhi (focus point) and bandhas (energy locks).

Ashtanga Yoga is taught in Mysore Style and well as Led classes. Check out our full schedule for days and times.

What about Mysore?

Ever thought about coming to Mysore but you didn’t know what to expect? Mysore is named after the city in India where Sri Pattabhi Jois opened his yoga institute. In the video below Akasha explains a little about what Mysore style is and you can watch as students of all levels practice in a class. You can learn more about Mysore and see our FAQ here.


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