What is Mysore Yoga?

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Ever thought about coming to Mysore but you just didn’t know what to expect?

Mysore is a self-paced class allowing students to receive individual instruction while learning the Ashtanga Yoga practice. All levels are welcome from new beginners to advanced practitioners. In the beginning, new students receive more attention. As you become more familiar with the practice, you are allowed more independence, getting adjustments and assistance only when needed.

Remember there is no “start” or “end” time for Mysore style classes. You may arrive anytime within the scheduled hours as long as you leave yourself enough time to finish before the scheduled hours end. New practitioners can expect to spend around 45 minutes for their first few classes.

Last but not least, Mysore is for everyone. If you have physical limitations or injuries, the instructor will work with you individually to come up with modifications that work for you. Because everyone is working individually, you don’t have to worry about slowing down or speeding up to keep up or meet the needs of a group class.

5 Reasons To Try Mysore:


When you begin a Mysore Style Practice, the teacher will work with you one on one to teach you a sequence of poses. You will only be given poses that you are able to do and all poses will be modified to meet you exactly where you are. You aren’t expected to know anything when you arrive. All poses will be taught to you individually.


Once you learn the sequence, it belongs to you. You can practice whenever and wherever you wish. Can’t come to class? No problem. Just practice where ever you are.


In Mysore the teacher isn’t calling out postures to the group but rather walking around quietly giving individual instructions as needed. You are moving through your sequence with your breath. You can begin to be quiet with yourself in a way that allows self-reflection, deep focus and meditation.


When you practice with the same people every day you form friendships that are rooted in hard work and the idea that you aren’t facing your limitations on your own but in community. It’s like having your very own (silent) cheering section.


With consistency comes change. As Manju Jois says, we start with the physical and we impact the mental and the spiritual. This happens over time. 

Akasha explains a little about what a Mysore class is and watch as students of all levels practice in a class. We would love to have you come join us almost any day of the week. You can find a listing of our Mysore classes on our schedule.

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