The Roots with Rich Fabio – Nov 1st & 2nd – CANCELLED

Rich Fabio

November 1st 6:00pm-8:00pm
November 2nd 9:30am-11:00am & 1:30pm-3:30pm
Cost:  Firday only $35 or full weekend $110 early registration by October 22nd; $130 after October 22nd
Instructor: Rich Fabio


November 1st

Intro to the Roots - 6:00pm-8:00pm
The introductory practice sets the stage for the rest of the workshop. The class focuses on the alignment method unique to the roots sequence created by John Friend and Desi Springer. Students of all levels will benefit from exploring the fundamental poses and new paradigm-shifting technology in The Roots. COME GET GROUNDED!

November 2nd

Mixed Level Roots Practice - 9:30am-11:00am
The Roots practice is designed to help tune the mind-body for any level of yoga student. The 54 base poses of The Roots are accessible by everyone,while the additional 54 advanced poses will fully challenge all experienced practitioners within the same class environment. All the poses are performed using universal principles of alignment, which help to avoid injuries and to make the poses particularly therapeutic and transformative.

Roots Therapeutics - 1:30pm – 3:30pm
This two hour workshop will break out the Roots sequence and its signature alignments in a safe fun way. Students will benefit from Rich’s detailed understanding of the body and therapeutic knowledge. The Roots Therapeutics offers opportunities to dive deeper into the study of how the body can optimally do each pose and heal body injuries within the practice.

To learn more about The Roots sequence CLICK HERE 

More About Rich

Rich’s yogic path was an integral part of his entire life, however it was not until his final year of high school that he realized it was ’yoga’. It was then that a very fascinating English teacher opened the windows to Eastern thought. With a growing interest, Rich expounded upon the principles of hatha yoga and discovered the treasures of sitting meditation in between a Bachelor’s Degree at Penn State. The path kept winding deeper and deeper. With the guidance and facilitation of a humble teacher, Gary Weber, Rich opened to the self-inquiry method popularized by an Indian sage who never left his home on a mountaintop, Ramana Maharshi. After college, Rich moved to the mountains of Asheville, NC where he met Joe Taft, a certified Anusara yoga instructor. Anusara quickly became Rich’s primary yoga method, solidifying the importance of proper biomechanics in a strong physical practice to heal the body. Rich delved into study with many of the organization’s top instructors and is now studying primarily under Anusara founder John Friend.

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