Thai Massage Workshop – February 24th

Date: February 24th

Time: 1:00-5:00pm

Cost: $45, early bird discount of $5 if you sign up by the 23rd

Instructor: Lucas Hoffman

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Thai  massage is a clothed bodywork art and form of sacred play, practiced on soft mats on the floor. It is a  blend assisted yoga asana and acupressure, a dance-like moving meditation that benefits both giver and receiver. Deep, mindful compression and gentle, powerful stretches open the physical and energetic body of the receiver relaxing and creating space for healing on all levels of the mind-body continuum. Thai massage is an ever evolving art based in the Buddhist practice of Metta (loving kindness). Wonderful for couples that wish to create a deeper sense of intimacy, yoga instructors that wish better their skills at adjustment, massage therapist looking for new techniques, and anyone that wishes to care for their loved ones in a kind and accessible way.

This four hour workshop will include meditation for protection and grounding, a gentle yoga practice to prepare the body for practice of Thai massage, basic energy anatomy of the Thai meridians (known as “Sen” lines) and prone, supine, side lying, and seated massage techniques and modifications.

NOTE: Please bring a couple of soft comforters and a comfy pillow to make a mat, or better yet your own Thai mat!

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