Guatemala FAQs

What City do we fly into?

Guatemala City Aurora International Airport.  Try and schedule a flight to arrive by 3pm and depart after 11am.  There is a 3 hour shuttle and boat taxi from Guatemala City to Villa Sumaya at Lake Atitilan.

Is Airfare, Shuttle or Boat Taxi included in costs?

Airfare, Shuttle from Airport and Boat Taxi are separate costs.  Check online for best prices most major airlines fly into Guatemala City.  You can also check Avianca and Copa into Guatemala City International Airport.  We will organize shuttle and boat taxi directly with Villa Sumaya.  Once you have your flight itinerary we will notify Villa Sumaya to organize your pick up and departure.

Can I book a Private Shuttle from Airport?

Yes you can book a private shuttle.  The costs will be sent in your Welcome Kit upon registration.   A single shuttle is about $100 plus boat taxi.  If you share the shuttle with other participants the costs reduce based on occupancy ( 5 or more in the shuttle is about $30 per occupant plus $7 boat shuttle) .  Villa Sumaya will collect fees at Retreat center.

How is the weather in Dec-Jan?

During New Years the days are typically sunny with very little rain.  The weather at Lake Atitlan is typically cool 55°-60° (sweater weather) in the early mornings and at night and 70°-80°  during the day.

How is the weather in June-Sept?

It is the beginning of the rainy season and typically it is sunny in the morning and early afternoon and rainy in the evenings and night. The Weather at Lake Atitlan is typically cool 55°-60° (sweater weather) in the early mornings and at night and 70°-90° during the day.

What should you bring?

Passport, toiletries, good hiking sandals, tennis shoes, bathing suit, headlamp, and clothing (a layer or two for the cooler mornings and nights and lighter clothing for days, and yoga wear).  Sunscreen, coconut oil.  Villa Sumaya does provide Yoga Mats if you do not want to bring yours or you can bring one down and donate to them.  While traveling outside the US we do recommend that you drink bottled water.  Villa Sumaya does provide filtered water.

Will there be any free time?

During our retreats there will be plenty of time to hike and swim each day. You can also hike to the nearby pueblo Santa Cruz, take a boat to one of the villages on the lake, enjoy a hot tub, sauna, massage or relax and read.

How is the food?

Villa Sumaya offers 3 delicious vegetarian meals. It is a combination of local fruits and vegetables mixed with international meals.  You can request for Vegan, Gluten Free and add chicken or fish for extra charge.

Is there massage and how much is it?

Yes, the center has a number of qualified practitioners. Please visit Villa Sumaya’s website for up to date rates.

Are there additional Taxes?

All of your taxes are included in the package price.  We recommend that bring checkbook or U.S dollars to avoid credit charges at Villa Sumaya if purchasing gifts or massage etc.

Can you cancel with more than 60 days notice prior to the retreat?

Yes, your deposit will be forfeited but the balance of your fees paid will be refunded to you.

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