Restorative Yoga for Summer into Fall – Sept 5th – Oct 10th

Date: Wednesdays from September 5th through October 10th

Time: 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm

Cost: $72 for full series, $15 drop-in (please note that unlimited class passes can’t be used for a series)

Instructor: Terri A Heiman

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The seasons change and so do we. Ayurvedic teaches us to acknowledge this with our diet, our energy levels and our intentions. Late summer is that time of year at the end of summer and before autumn, when there is often a glorious “hot spell”. It’s a time of year that when all the all doshas can go out of balance. Our energy is starting to want to pull inward from all the summer activities yet we tend to resist and end up fighting our energies instead of working with it.
 Why not help it along with yoga!
Restorative yoga is a fantastic tool for helping us to move through the late summer energy and into the fall. The restorative series offered will utilize poses for deeper rest and relaxation. The poses will be chosen for greater sleep, digestion, and stress reduction to help you move through the seasons better. This series will nourish the body through simple meditation practices, pranayama and restorative poses. Essential oils will be used as well as Reiki adjustments at the beginning of the class. And… sound bowls of course!


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