Restorative Yoga + CBD Series Jul 17 through Aug 7

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Restorative Yoga and CBD Oils – 4 Week Series
July 17 – Aug 7
$80 (full series)- Samples included in class fees/ Drop in – $25
Maybe you’ve heard about the CBD oils being added to everyday life.  Like in your coffee, or your chocolates or your skin care or really.. just about anything. Are you wondering what it is about?  Like why is this a thing?

There is lots of hype.

There is lots of talk.

And, there is lots of unwinding going on.

Perfect for summertime…right!

Want to know more?  What to know how adding CBD oils to a yoga practice can help you?

Join me in this 4 week Restorative Yoga Series to not only learn about the effects of combining yoga and CBD oils but also to experience the effects for yourself.
Guest speaker – July 17 – Jenny Golden from CBD Relyf to share her knowledge.
Q: Are CBD (Hemp) oils legal.
A: Yes.  Classified as Industrial Hemp,  they are legal in all states including Alabama.

Q: Will they get you “high”?  
A: No. CBD has no psychoactive effects and won’t get you high. What CBD does deliver on, however, is a calming, gently relaxing vibe that has truly been known to make a difference in anxiety sufferers.

Q: Why use them in Restorative Yoga?  
A: Many people have trouble calming the mind in restorative yoga and become agitated with staying in a pose for a period of time. The CBD oils will help you to unwind and calms the mind so that you can move through each pose that is held without the agitation.

Q: What are some of the benefits?  
A: Some of the benefits of using CBD include: pain relief, relief from anxiety and depression, relief from overthinking, decreased inflammation, increased mood and aid in sore joints and muscles.

Q: How do the CBD oils work? 
A: The different cannabinoids in hemp, such as CBD, work in different ways with the cannabinoid receptors in the body, located throughout the endocannabinoid system. 

This is the same system that triggers your brain when you’re experiencing pain. When taking CBD, it interacts with the ECS and encourages it to produce an increased number of natural cannabinoids, which help to balance the system and produce an anti-inflammatory response. 
CBD can also help to prolong the savasana feelings of bliss after you leave the mat. 

When we are feeling good, our brain naturally produces and releases a neurotransmitter called Anandamide. In Sanskrit, ‘Ananda’ means ‘bliss’, which is why Anandamide is aptly named the ‘bliss molecule’. 

Like all neurotransmitters, Anandamide is fragile and breaks down quickly in the body, which is why it doesn’t produce a perpetual state of bliss. It’s been found that CBD suppresses the enzyme that breaks down Anandamide. Thus creating longer lasting effects from the naturally occurring Anandamide in our system. 

In other words, that blissful feeling you get from your flow session can be enhanced even more by incorporating CBD into the mix.

CBD is a natural fit for a Restorative or gentle yoga class, especially if you’re prone to a wandering mind. It can be hard to automatically turn off your overthinking brain but the CBD oils helps you with this.

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