Restorative Yoga to Promote Weight Loss & Improve Digestion – July 1st – Aug 5th

6 Week Series: July 1st – August 5th 6:30pm – 7:45pm
Cost: $72 or $15 drop in
Teacher: Terri Heiman

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Everyday, more and more people are holding on to stress from our fast paced society. Stress has been recognized as a main cause in weight gain and poor digestion. When we become stressed, our adrenals kick into the flight or fight triggering an increase in production of the cortisol hormone. An overproduction of cortisol in turn triggers a response telling the body it needs food to replenish the energy used from being stressed, whether we are hungry or not! Too much food slows our digestive system. Too much food combined with a sluggish digestion equals excess weight.

Restorative yoga can can help you lose weight as it helps reduce stress and balance your body’s hormonal system. Restorative yoga also helps you with being mindful of your actions which in turn helps you control your appetite and your choices.

The sequence of the class are designed to reduce stress and stimulate the digestive system. The poses in this class are available to everyone regardless of body type. Props, blankets and bolsters are used to help relax into each of the poses.


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