Handstands 101 – Jul 29th

July 29th 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Cost: $35
Instructor: Sarah Katherine Clark

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Have you ever wanted to learn handstands? Has the allotted time in your yoga class for inversions left you wanting more? Then, this workshop is for you!
Handstands are growing in popularity in many movement methods, and they can be a life long labor of love for gymnasts, break-dancers, and yogis alike. Going at the practice alone will produce results, but approaching this posture with some fundamental knowledge of alignment, activation, and balance will give you the tools to progress with your inversion practice safely and with more consistent results. From beginners looking to start their handstand journey to existing practitioners looking to improve their skills, all will gain perspective on how to develop a deeper connection with standing on their hands.
The structure of the class will be circle, warm-ups related to hand balancing, and drills and activations followed by stretching and closing.
Space is limited for more one on one instruction, so don’t wait too late to sign up!

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