We offer classes to beginners and more experienced yogis. Just as each day may change from the previous so does our yogic practice. Our classes focus on bringing our awareness to our breath allowing each posture and movement to act as reminder for us to relax, breathe and smile. We strive on creating a space that is fun, healing and non-judgmental one that we can live, grow and explore together. If you are unsure about which class may be the most appropriate or are concerned about starting a new class please contact us. Have a wonderful day…..

Intro to Yoga:  A very good class for beginners, those with physical ailments and wanting to create a solid foundation.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Is based on the primary, intermediate and advanced series as taught by K. Pattabhi Jois this type of yoga links postures with the movement of breath bringing balance, strength and flexibility to our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The postures are given a specific order allowing the student to create a strong asana foundation.

Level 1: Is a great class for beginners and more experienced students who wish to create a strong foundation by working on the basics. This is a more traditional yoga practice where a set of poses are given in a specific order. Classes begin with Sun Salutations then standing postures and end with some basic seated postures from the Ashtanga primary series. Modifications will be given. Much of the knowledge learned in this class can be used in most yoga classes.

Level 2:Good class for experienced beginners and experienced yogis looking to build on the basics learned in Level 1. Classes begin with Sun Salutation and flow into standing poses, sitting postures and end with some of the closing series postures. Shoulder stand, full backbend, and headstand may be included.

Level 3: This is the full Asthanga led Primary Series with everything in Level 2.

Level 4: A led introduction to 2nd series.  Students should be familiar with Ashtanga primary series.

Level 5: The full Ashtanga intermediate (2nd series).

Improv Level 5:  This class incorporates poses from 1st, 2nd and 3rd series.  This class is physically challenging.  The teacher will usually practice with you during the class.

Mixed Level: Is for students who have a basic understanding of the Ashtanga system and students new to the studio who have previous yoga experience. This can be a physically challenging class. This is a led class where the teacher guides students through a traditional ashtanga yoga practice using postures from the 1st 2nd and 3rd series. Asana’s are typically given in Sanskrit. This class is recommended for students who have a strong practice. Some partner work maybe incorporated along with meditation and pranayama.

Ashtanga Mysore: Is geared towards students who are looking to expand their own personal practice. During Mysore Classes the student works individually, with guidance and adjustments from a teacher on the Ashtanga series of postures. Students learn to develop a self guided, flowing practice that combines breath, body and mind for both a physical and meditative experience. Students work independently, so a basic understanding of the Ashtanga system (coordination of breath with movement) and a basic understanding of self practice are required. The Mysore classes may be followed with short guided meditation and or Pranayama set and is typically offered in the morning. Beginners may attend a mysore class though it is recommended that a student attend a few led Ashtanga level 1 or 2 classes and or speak with teacher leading the class to determine an appropriate time/class so the teacher may have time to instruct the student.

Hanna Somatic Yoga:  

Somatic Yoga offers an effective method of reeducating the body and mind through gentle exercises reducing stress, anxiety and relieving chronic pain.

Who can do Somatic Yoga: suitable for all levels (beginners and advanced students).
Soma: means ” the body experienced from within”.
Benefits: Provides a better sense of body awareness, calm and well being.

Physically Increases flexibility, circulation, and range of motion and offers a simple and safe method to unlock tight and painful muscles while reeducating and helping restore healthy and supportive movements through body and mind.

Kundalini Yoga: In a Kundalini class we will practice an asana or set of asanas using a specific breath in each pose to initiate the energy to move upwards.  These sets were originally taught by Kundalini Yoga Master, Yogi Bhajan.  The joining of physical postures with powerful breathing (pranayama), meditation and chanting can create deep transformation for the practitioner. This is a wonderful class for students of all levels wishing to feel energized, rejuvenated and one with all.  More spiritual and meditative in nature, this class will take your physical practice to a deeper level.

Kundalini from an esoteric perspective can be thought of as energy. When the Kundalini at the base of the spine is opened the prana (life force through our breath) and apana (eliminative force) travelling through the pingala nadi and ida nadi meet at the base of the spine where the Sushmuna nadi originates and travels up the Sushmuna nadi channel along the spine criss-crossing and awakening each chakra to the crown chakra.

Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga/Meditation: The 2 1/2 hours before sunrise are known as the “amrit vela” or ambrosial period.  In all spiritual traditions, this is the optimal time to meditate and go within. During this class we will practice an asana set, usually from the Kundalini tradition, to awaken and energize the body.  Following will be  breathing exercises based on the Ashtanga Pranayama Series, and healing chants (mantra’s) and meditations. The origin of most of the meditations are from Yogi Bhajan. What a wonderful way to start your day and find balance and stillness within.

Vinyasa Yoga: A physically demanding class emphasizing the aerobic and physical benefits of yoga. The teacher will guide the class through a flowing warm-up to create heat and proceed to standing, balancing, seated stretches and then towards the end a cool down and relaxation period. Good for new and experienced students. Some classes may incorporate up-beat music.

Intro to Vinyasa Flow: A good class to work on foundations of breath and posture and linking them together. We will begin the class with basic warm up postures that lead into standing and balancing postures. Once our bodies are warm we will move to the floor working on some abdominal and seated postures and then relaxing at the end. Music and short meditation may be incorporated.

Yin Yoga: A restorative yoga class lasting usually an hour where 10-15 seated postures are held for longer periods of time usually 3-7 minutes. This is a great class for students looking to deepen their stretch and allow the connective tissue to relax and release. Soft relaxing music, dimmer lights and or candles may be used. Props, cushions and blankets are also recommended.

Community Yoga: A donation only class. Most classes will be taught on Sunday’s by one of our Teacher Trainees enrolled in the Birmingham Yoga Teacher Training Program. This intro vinyasa flow class will be geared for Beginners, though all levels are welcome.

Restorative Yoga:  Restorative Yoga focuses on healing the body and mind by stimulating the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system.  Calming postures and deep breathing puts the body into a deep state of relaxation to allow the body to realign and come to a point of balance.   Restorative yoga is a therapeutic practice that is perfect to support and balance someone with an active lifestyle, or to bring the healing qualities of yoga to someone seeking a more gentle practice.

Pre-Natal:  A special class for mothers to be.  Prenatal class focuses on the gentle needs of a pregnant woman’s body to ease the discomforts of pregnancy and prepare for the miracle of birth.  Pranayama (breathwork) and calming meditations are also used to help relieve stress and bond mother to her new baby.

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