Ashtanga Level 1 Beginners Series – Sept 11th – Oct 9th

9 Session Series: Sept 11th – Oct 9th
5:45pm – 7:15pm Tuesday and Thursday
Cost: $110
Teacher: Akasha Ellis

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Ashtanga beginners series level 1 is a great class for beginners who wish to create a strong foundation and more experienced students wanting to refresh on the basics. Ashtanga is a more traditional yoga practice where a set of poses are given in a specific order. Classes begin with Sun Salutations then standing postures and end with some basic seated postures from the Ashtanga primary series. Modifications are given. The knowledge learned in this class can be used in most yoga classes.

Class will meet Tuesday and Thursday for 9 sessions. Class size is limited.  If you have any questions please contact Akasha at


  1. Lori Hernandez

    I am interested in taking this class, however, may need to miss one or two days due to travel. Will this be a problem? I have taken a few yoga classes in the past, but nothing to get me past beginner. I need help with balance and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and feel yoga is the answer.

    Thank you,


    • ingrid

      Hi Lori
      Were happy to have you join us for the beginner series. The series is set up to gradually build on previous sessions. Helping students form a strong foundation. If you only miss one or two sessions you should be fine. Ideally you will be able to lead yourself thru a practice. So maybe on those off days you can try and practice on your own and that will help maintain and reinforce what you have already learned. Yes, yoga can help maintain healthy bones and muscles. Many of the poses we practice are weight bearing which will help strengthen your bod and a number of the standing poses will bring good body awareness and balance. We look forward to sharing and practicing with you.

  2. Lara McKinney

    Is this class full yet? I would like to start the 18th but I’ll be out of town for the yoga class on the 20th. Can it be made up?

    • ingrid

      Thanks for contacting us concerning the class. No, the class is not full yet. The series is given during those dates and we do not offer make up classes howerver, I’m sure if you pay in full and you ask Akasha he would allow you to take a class the following week after the series is over. He usually continues a few weeks after with a level 1 class.

  3. Sheri

    I’m very interested in joining this series. I have never participated in a yoga class, this will be the first. Would this be a good class for someone with no experience?

    • ingrid

      Thank you for contacting us about the beginner series with Akasha.This is a great class for building a strong foundation in Ashtanga Yoga. The class can sometimes be physically challenging for some but Akasha does offer a number of modifications based on the students ability.

  4. Jane Watkins

    Very interested in this series. Do you have a space for two more from Gadsden, Al.?
    Have to teach a class on Tues. and Thurs., so trying to find a sub.
    Let me know if there is room for two.
    Thanks and Namaste’,

    • ingrid

      Hi Jane
      There is still plenty of space for two. Hope to see you there.

  5. ingrid

    Our Monday or Friday noon class with Shawn can accommodate a beginner just let him know that are a beginner and he can modify as necessary. Currently this class has been small so you will get some personal attention too which is great when first starting out.

    Wish you well in your yoga journey.